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Skin Care

Anti-aging Treatments, Facials and Waxing
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Facials and Skin Treatments

Woman Receiving a Facial MassageCustomized Signature Facial Treatment

Enjoy this squeaky clean and incredibly relaxing results-oriented facial treatment. It includes deep cleansing, customized fruit enzyme peel, extractions of clogged pores followed by appropriate skin mask, serum and moisturizer. This treatment is customized to any skin care condition. Also includes massage of the head, neck, arms and hands. You and your skin will love it!

$80-$115 60-90mins.


A less invasive alternative to microdermabrasion that removes all facial hair and leaves the skin smooth and glowing.

45 mins $70 60 mins $85 75 mins with full facial $105.

Lifting Toning Massage Facial

Deep cleansing followed by an exfoliating enzyme peel, your skin will lighten, brighten and be silky smooth. A special lifting massage is performed to to stimulate the circulation and tone the skin. Finish with a moisturizing calming mask and nourishing serums-the perfect balance of nutrition and stimulation for healthy toned skin.

$80 60mins

Ayurvedic Brightening Treatment

Problems with age spots and irregular pigmentation. This can help to balance areas of uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy by helping regulate the melanin production. To truly address pigmentation a series is recommended, staying out of the sun as well as use of proper home care products.

80 mins $125

Reflex Detox Facial Treatment

Includes everything a signature facial includes as well as reflexology of the feet and hands as well as Lymphatic drainage and facial cupping. Working the reflex points on the feet/hands will have an overall beneficial effect on not only the skin and various conditions affecting it but also the body as a whole. Lymph drainage helps to flush congestion and toxins out of the skin and increases circulation along with improving immune and cellular function

$135 90 mins.

Zen Holistic Face Lift Treatment

Includes everything a signature facial includes as well as an extensive facial contouring treatment that uses a combination of holistic contouring massage tools and techniques including a Jade stone Qua Sha tool, warm Thai herbal poultice, manuel lymph drainage and facial cupping to gently but effectively eliminate puffiness and contour the skin back to a healthy, lifted, beautiful glow. The ultimate in holistic anti-aging.

75 mins $115 90 mins $125

Intensive Acne Boot Camp

This is designed for those who are serious and committed to getting their acne under control. I will identify the type and severity of your acne, perform a skin sensitivity test, design a home care plan specific to your skin and perform an acne clearing treatment. Treatments are every 2 weeks. We will go over certain foods and lifestyle choices that trigger acne and give you alternatives. You will need to purchase home care products to begin the clearing process. Consult only $40. If you commit to the series it applies to services. Acne Treatments $70.


Electrocurrent Massage: Stimulating Current massage that lifts and tones.

Pressure Point Foot Massage: Includes Sea Salt Exfoliation, Warm towels and Pressure point Massage. All that equals Bliss!

Back Treatment: Facial for the back. Includes peel and pore cleaning as well as a detox masque and massage. 30 mins $45

Scalp Treatment: Luxurious hair oil is massaged into the scalp. Leaving you deeply relaxed and your hair silky smooth.

Clinical Skin Treatments and Anti-Aging Treatments

Microcurrent Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

Single $120

Pkg of 3 $300 (savings of $60)

Pkg of 6 $570 (savings of $150)

MicroCurrent Technology is the only aesthetic treatment available that can physically firm and tone the skin through muscle re-education. This process of a gentle ‘re-education’ of the fine facial muscles stimulates them with very small amounts of electricity. MicroCurrent is a specific amount of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural current and works in harmony with the body’s electrical system.

MicroCurrent impulses trigger a chemical reaction at a cellular level to increase the effectiveness of how our bodies use ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a protein that is referred to as ‘the energy of life’. MicroCurrent mimics the electrical signals from the brain to the message center of the muscle, which is the tendon, the MicroCurrent stimulates the tendon thus aiding in strengthening the muscles by bringing more definition to the face and body. By reproducing the body’s own biological current we can re-establish muscle memory naturally.

For muscles to contract they need energy, that energy comes from adenosine triphoshate ( also known as ATP.)  ATP is the only energy source that muscles have to power their activity and these muscle fibers store only a limited supply of ATP. So, by increasing the supply of ATP to these muscle fibers MicroCurrent plays a crucial role in cell metabolism and plumping up those slack muscles. MicroCurrent also enhances fibroblast activity (collagen) and protein synthesis (elastin) because of the increased activity of ATP.

Medical Grade Skin Peels

An advanced moderate to deep peel used to address pigmentation, fine lines, uneven texture and aging skin. Includes in depth consultation. (Series recommended for treatment of pigmentation.) Be prepared for excessive exfoliation post peel. You must also avoid the sun, working out and sweating for 10 days post peel.



Rejuvapen MicroNeedling

The Rejuvapen MicroNeedling stimulates the skins natural healing which increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The normal healing response begins the moment of tissue injury by the perforations of the micro needles. Micro Needling treats fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, surgical scarring, burns, stretch marks, and firms and tightens the skin. There is minimal downtime. It can be used on any skin type.

Rejuvapen is an amazing breakthrough in skin care that yields amazing results quickly with almost no downtime. It is becoming more increasingly popular among patients and for various reasons.  It is quick, no real down time, and note worthy results.   So, what is this new MicroNeedling treatment, and how does it work?   Rejuvapen’s nine precisely spaced micro needles create tiny perforations in the top two layers of the skin. The skin shifts its repair mechanism into high gear, producing collagen and elastin to mend these micro-perforations. This is a 100% natural form of skin renewal, repairing from the inside out. Your skin will be firmer and regain its elasticity, so fine lines and wrinkles become visibly reduced, pores are smaller, and creates younger looking skin.

Skin becomes firmer, regains its elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, pores are smaller and circulation is stimulated so the overall condition and appearance of the skin improves. Rejuvapen addresses fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and skin texture by stimulating the skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen formation creating healthier skin. You can treat the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, around the mouth, neck and chest are treated most often, but Rejuvapen can be used on problem areas like surgical scarring to reduce prominence.

The treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the treatment area. Typically the patient will come into the spa approximately 30 minutes early to apply numbing cream.  Most patients look as though they have a moderate to severe sunburn and your skin may feel warmer and tighter than usual. This is normal and will subside in 1-2 hours. Most patients recover in less than 24 hours, with minimal discomfort.

The initial reaction is that our patients love the treatment. They can immediately feel improvement and a firmness to their skin. Most patients will notice visible results after the first treatment, and results improve after subsequent treatments. It is recommended to have 3-4 treatments for optimal results.

LED Light Therapy

 Turn Back the Clock with Light Therapy: Celluma® by Biophotas


 Features of Light Therapy for Your Skin

  • Stimulates collagen formation
  • Increases ATP (Cellular Fuel)
  • Emits oxygen to slow the growth of bacteria
  • Skin feels and looks younger
  • Helps damaged cells to be replaced more quickly
 photo-17        photo-16

 Before and After with 2x weekly for 4 weeks.

Celluma is a low-level light therapy, FDA-approved to Treat

  •  Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris
  •  Joint Pain and Stiffness
  •  Arthritis
  •  Muscle Spasms and Tension
  •  Rosacea Management
  •  Superficial, Benign Vascular & Pigment Lesions
  • Periorbital Wrinkles & Rhytides
  • Sup-Optimal Local Blood Flow & Circulation

Frequently Asked Questions about Light Therapy

What is low level light therapy (biophotonic therapy)?                                                

Biophotonic therapy is based on LED technology and is the application of light energy to the body for therapeutic benefits. It promotes a natural photobiochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. The energy delivered by the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen – the foundation of a healthy and smooth skin. Research has shown that LED Light Therapy may help to smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness and resilience, increase the lymphatic system activity, restore skin’s natural cellular activity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation. The treatment is for all skin types and it is non-ablative, non-invasive, painless with absolutely no downtime. Patients or clients can return to their normal activity immediately after the treatment.

How long is a Celluma Light Therapy Treatment?

30 Minutes alone; 45 minutes with the incorporation of basic cleansing and exfoliation.

Are there any harmful side effects?

LED technology generates negligible amounts of heat and is not considered a significant risk device.

Does LED therapy utilize UV light?

No. LED devices utilize a combination of blue, red and near-infrared (not visible to the naked eye) light emitting diodes (LEDs) only.

Pricing Options:

Single:  $50

Package of 4: $40 each

Package of 8:  $35 each

Add to any facial or massage service and only $25!


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