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EyeBrow Shaping

After Brow Shaping
After Brow Shaping

When it comes to brow shaping in Sarasota Florida, Michelle is known as the brow queen.

Michelle has bulit a loyal following over her 15 years in practice. All her word of mouth recommendations have made her one of the most sought after and trusted estheticians for brow shaping in Sarasota.

Michelle is known for her skillful work with shaping the brows because the brows form a frame around the eyes. She know that the perfect arch and shape are an ideal way of highlighting this most important feature of a woman’s face, at any age.

Michelle, the eyebrow expert skillfully uses both wax and tweezers to achieve the desired shape that is perfect for your facial structure.

On the first visit Michelle will study your facial structure and analyze exactly how to achieve that perfect arch. She will never remove to much but with great care she will meticulously shape the brow for a natural and elegant arch that will suit your facial structure perfectly. If desired she will tint the brows with  A custom blended vegetable tint is first used to fill in sparse areas, which simultaneously adds shine and color to the brow. She will also add highlighter to the brow bone and fill in the brows with the best brow products on the market to accentuate the shape even more.

Brow Rehab

Have you over waxed or over tweezed? Have you wanted a better shape but feel like you don’t have anything to work with? Have you have always wanted a more natural looking, full eyebrow, then Brow Rehab is the answer.

It’s a process that can require 3-12 months to complete. We begin by showing you what your eyebrow potential can be during the “grow out” phase of the process. Frequently, before and after photos are taken to document the process. Appointments are scheduled every 3 weeks with NO tweezing, waxing, or trimming between visits. That can be quite challenging for some, but committing to the “Brow Rehab” process will allow the greatest growth potential for your eyebrow and will help to coordinate the growth phase, ultimately allowing all the eyebrow hairs to grow simultaneously every 3-4 weeks. This is the secret to a natural looking brow.

Package prices available when committing to every 3 weeks.
(These are available only for Brow Rehab program.)

$25 Brow Shaping        $20 Brow Maintenance if you return in 6 weeks.

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